Green-ish Clothes

tile print pyjama bottoms from dunnes stores

I am always on the hunt for affordable, ethically-produced, compostable clothing, which is no easy thing in Ireland. I know i could buy online but i’m one of those dinosaurs that like to see things in the flesh before i buy them.

I like the fact that Fat Face gets a high rating in terms of ethics from The Good Shopping Guide so i’ll always drop in there when i need something. My next go to shop is M&S, who have a few lines in organic / sustainable sourced cotton and at a price i can afford. When they don’t have want i need / like my next stop is Dunnes Stores, a mid-priced Irish owned store.

shell print pyjamas pants from dunnes stores

Recently I spotted these really nice cotton pyjamas bottoms in Dunnes Stores for very reasonable prices. I also bought a 100% cotton blue t-shirt in Dunnes Stores for €8 to go with the bottoms, which were €10 and €15 respectively. I notice that Dunnes Stores also have this lovely Paul Costello Merino wool capes for €70.

merino cape from dunnes stores



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I am a reformed interior architect that now campaign for and write about sustainable living in Ireland.

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