Basket Making at Tinahely Farm, Co Wicklow

Tinahley Farm

I had an amazing time learning to make Baskets with Heike Kahle of Baurnafea Studio at Tinahely Farm. Not only was the setting, food and teacher fabulous, the group of 5 women were absolutely lovely and we talked about everything from fashion to politics. The day flew and I’m delighted with the basket i created!

Selection of Wicker

We used a selection of willow supplied by our teacher. By boiling the willow with and without bark the suppliers of the willow are able to achieve a variety of shades. Heike grows her own willow, which she uses with and without bark and orders boiled willows from Somerset. Unfortunately there are no suppliers of boiled willow in Ireland.

Basket Making early stages

Early Days!

Basket Making; the base

Making the base.

Basket Making; the completed base

The completed base.

Basket Making; inserting uprights

Inserting the uprights.

Basket Making; taking shapeTying in the uprights to creat the shape.

Basket Making, Coffee Break

Time for a well-earned break. Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea was included in the cost of the course. It included delicious scones with jam and cream, Quiche, soup, salad, orange cake, chocolate biscuit cake and lots of lovely coffee and tea!

And a snoop around the lovely farm shop, which included everything from food to vintage clothes!

Tinahely Farm Shop

Basket Making; making the bucket

Making the bucket. The weight is to help hold the basket down when you’re weaving in the willow.

Basket Making; fellow basketmakersWe had a choice of a curved basket or bucket-shaped one. Here are two of my classmates making their bucket-shaped baskets.

Basket Making; the finished article

Ta dah! The finished article, which I’m so, so proud of. Thanks Heike. Another basket making course is scheduled for May 6th 2016 and I’d highly recommend it.

Tinahely Farm; doll making

For the seamstress (what’s the male version of this word?) amongst your there’s a great doll making course on March 5th 2016. This is a great place to do any course. The staff is so polite, the food is fab and the farm shop is a treasure trove of goodies.





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3 thoughts on “Basket Making at Tinahely Farm, Co Wicklow

    1. I’d definitely recommend it. I think the next one is on May 6th. I just looked up the definition of tailor and seamstress and apparantly ‘The word “tailor” is gender-neutral and refers to any person, male or female, who alters clothes. A seamstress sews or creates garments; a tailor takes an existing garment and alters it to fit a specific individual.’

      You learn something new everyday!

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